Introduction to Sitecore® Experience Accelerator 9

  • English (United States)

Minor Version

Includes Releases 9.0 - 9.3

Target Audience: 

Content Marketer / Digital Marketer, UX Designer


Knowledge of the Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM 

Course Description:

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) will help your organization expedite your digital go-to-market strategy while reducing implementation costs and total ownership costs. Completing this course provides an overview of the essentials you need to build a website and organize content through SXA. Furthermore, this course also outlines the functionality and features of the out-of-the-box tools designed to assist with page structuring and styling. 

This introductory course is one in a series of topics regarding Sitecore Experience Accelerator for all users of the product. Additional courses will cover content specific to branching job roles utilizing Sitecore Experience Accelerator.



1 hour

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Introduction to Sitecore® Experience Accelerator 9
  • Curriculum Code: eSXA92