Getting started with Managed Cloud 9

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Minor Version:

Includes Releases 9.0 - 9.3

Target Audience:

Application Manager/Administrator, Architect


●   Sitecore® Developer Certification

●   You have a solution design for a Managed Cloud as determined with a Sitecore sales team.

Course Description:

Sitecore's Managed Cloud will help your organization reduce operational costs and deployment risks and improve time to market. The Getting Started course is designed for Sitecore customers and Partners who are deploying a Managed Cloud solution for the first time and need an overview of where to begin and who will be doing what.

Completing this course will enable architects to fast-track implementation and de-risk the design process. As we proceed, we'll define the roles and responsibilities of Sitecore®, the technical contact, and/or the Sitecore Partner in regard to designing, provisioning, implementing, and engaging with Sitecore Support/Cloud Operations in relation to your environment. This course is one in a series of topics regarding Managed Cloud. Additional courses will cover content such as architecting, deploying, securing, and scaling your environment.


45 minutes

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Getting started with Managed Cloud 9
  • Curriculum Code: eCloud92