Sitecore® Platform Essentials for Developers 9.0

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Effective February 1, 2020, we will be sunsetting all certifications for previous major versions (8.x).  If you are currently in possession of an expiring certification voucher and would like to exchange it for current Sitecore Experience Solution Developer Certification 9 Exam (Version 9.0-9.3), please contact

Training Summary:

This eLearning teaches developers to build robust MVC solutions that integrate with the Sitecore® 9.0 Content Management System. This training covers creating a site’s structure and presentation, implementing search-driven components, publishing content, working with complex fields, reusing components, and configuring and extending Sitecore.

The purchase of the Sitecore® Platform Essentials for Developers eLearning includes the option to take the Sitecore® Certified Platform Associate Developer exam. Developers who pass the exam become Sitecore® Certified Professionals. Developers can register to take the exam with an online proctored service from anywhere in the world or at a testing center.

Sitecore® License Requirement:

Students MUST have a Sitecore® License that includes xDB to complete this training. Students working with/for a partner should use the partner’s Sitecore® License. You can acquire Temporary License by applying on following page:

Get Started:

Once enrolled in the eLearning, follow these steps:

1. Log in to

2. On the LEARN Home page, click on the title of the training, NOT the module title

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page

4. Click the module title

5. Click Open Item or Open Current Attempt when revisiting modules

Course Length:

This training will take approximately sixteen hours to complete. Students may start, stop and restart the training as many times as needed.

Target audience:

This eLearning is designed for developers who have experience building ASP.NET MVC web applications and an understanding of C# and LINQ.


Take the free Sitecore® Developer Foundations eLearning.


By the end of this training, you will be able to:

Create Sitecore solutions that are easy for business users to configure.

Build reusable data structures.

Create presentation infrastructure on the MVC platform.

Build componentized presentations to support both designing and editing in the Experience Editor.

Use the Sitecore API to manage links and navigate the content tree.

Use the Sitecore Search API to create search-driven components.


Module 1: Introducing the Sitecore® Experience Platform

Module 2: Creating the Site’s Content Structure

Module 3: Creating the Site’s Presentation

Module 4: Increasing Component Reusability

Module 5: Applying Navigation Practices Within the Site

Module 6: Configuring and Extending Sitecore

Module 7: Working with Complex Fields

Module 8: Implementing Search-Driven Components


A working Sitecore® installation is required before starting the eLearning. Download and follow the Setup Guide that is listed in the eLearning training activities before starting the eLearning.

Download the Student Resources Folder and Student Lab Guide that are listed in the eLearning activities prior to starting the eLearning. These are required to complete the labs.

An internet connection is needed to run the training and speakers are needed to hear the audio.

Use a Chrome or Internet Explorer browser to view the eLearning.


This training is in U.S. English.


Students have four months of access to the content in this eLearning. Students may start and stop modules as often as they like.


Sitecore® does not offer support to students to help them understand the content of the eLearning or complete labs. Students may get help from Sitecore® Experts, other students, and the Sitecore® Community by posting questions or help requests to the forums in the Student Support Portal. The Student Support Portal also includes tutorials for using the eLearning platform as well as FAQ's.

For technical support regarding issues with the eLearning platform or transactions including purchases, enrollment, exam vouchers, etc., click the Contact Us link on this website or send an email to

NOTE: Technical support is available Monday - Friday, 4 AM - 5 PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time. Technical support is not available on U.S. Federal Holidays. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Purchase and Discounts:

To purchase the eLearning with a credit card for yourself or others, click the Add to Cart button. To be invoiced for the eLearning or to pay for the eLearning using Sitecore funds, contact your local Training Coordinator. If you are eligible for Partner Discounts, contact your local Training Coordinator to get the applicable discount code.

Local Training Contacts:

North and South America –

Asia Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand –

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U.K., Benelux, Nordic and other EMEA countries –

Japan – Akinori Taiara at

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  • Curriculum Code: eSPED90