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  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click the module title
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Students do not need a Sitecore License or installation to complete this course.  All labs are performed in a simulated Sitecore environment within the eLearning.     


This eLearning is designed for content authors, marketers, business users and designers who want to learn about Sitecore  XP 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 content editing features and how to preview and publish content to their website. This course also teaches students to use rules-based personalization to increase the relevance of website content. This course provides a foundation for marketers who will be attending the Sitecore Context Marketing Fundamentals course.

Target audience:

This course is for content authors, marketers and designers. The course is also beneficial for front-end developers and business users.



Course Length:

This course will take approximately three hours to complete. Students may start, stop and restart the course as many times as needed.

Course Outline:

Understanding Sitecore XP

  • Explain the purpose of the Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Summarize the benefits of the Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Describe Sitecore Experience Management
  • Define an item
  • Describe how Sitecore organizes items
  • List the two types of numbering
  • Explain the purpose of publishing

Discovering the Launchpad

  • Explain why Sitecore users may have different access rights
  • Log on to the Launchpad
  • Use Control Panel to change password and regional preferences
  • Explain why users cannot use Sitecore to change a password if Active Directory is integrated

Using the Experience Editor

  • Describe the purpose of the Experience Editor
  • Describe the autonomy of the ribbon
  • Apply best practices when using Editing and Designing modes
  • Explain when to use the Editing and Designing modes
  • Edit content using the Experience Editor
  • Demonstrate how to change the look and feel of a page
  • Describe the key features for presentations
  • Explain the concept of associated content

Employing the Content Editor

  • Describe the purpose of the Content Editor
  • Demonstrate how to use the search tab
  • Summarize the use of numbered and language versioning
  • Review the different field types available
  • Explain the purpose of locked and unlocked items
  • Demonstrate how to edit/manage content in Content Editor
  • Give an example of design features available in Content Editor
  • Explain how to use the broken link tool

Managing Media

  • List the different types of media files that be uploaded to Sitecore
  • Explain the purpose of Alt text
  • Demonstrate how to edit a media item including Alt text
  • Summarize best practice for working with the Media Library
  • Add images to placeholders and Rich Text Editor fields

Demonstrating How to Preview Content

  • State which database is used in previewing
  • Explain the purpose of previewing an item before publishing
  • Demonstrate how to preview versioning of an item
  • Describe how to preview in different devices
  • Explain when to use the Experience Explorer in Preview mode

Working with Items in Workflow

  • Describe the purpose of workflows
  • Manage items that are part of a workflow
  • Demonstrate how to use Workbox and RSS for workflows
  • Explain automated numbered versioning
  • Use the workflow to approve changes to associated content

Publishing in Sitecore

  • Explain the differences between implicit and explicit behavior
  • List the attributes of the digital fingerprint
  • Demonstrate the ability to personalize content
  • List the two parts of a rule


An internet connection is needed to run the course and speakers are needed to hear the audio.  This course does not require use of a Sitecore License, Sitecore setup or any other setup outside of the eLearning platform.


Students have four months of access to the content in this eLearning. Modules must be completed in their sequenced order. For example, a student will not have access to module 2 until he/she has completed module 1. Students may start and stop modules as often as they like.


This course is in U.S. English.


Sitecore does not offer support to students to help them understand the content of the eLearning or complete labs.  Students may get help from Sitecore Experts, other students, and the Sitecore Community by posting questions or help requests to the forums in the Support Portal.  The Support Portal also includes tutorials for using the eLearning platform as well as FAQ's. 

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