Introduction to Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9

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Minor Version

Includes Releases 9.0 - 9.1  

Target Audience:

Application Manager/Administrator, Architect, Business / Data Analyst, Digital Merchandiser, Digital Strategist, UX Designer


●   Knowledge of Sitecore® Experience Accelerator

●   Knowledge of Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 

Course Description:

Sitecore Experience CommerceTM (XC) is a single integrated platform that will establish or enhance your commerce capabilities by optimizing your customer's personalized end-to-end experience. These improvements can lead to increased conversions, cross-sells, upselling, and brand loyalty. 

This course will help users of Sitecore XC understand commerce and identify the functionality included in the product. We'll provide you with the fundamentals you need to get started on your Sitecore XC journey, specifically by outlining high-level details of the platform and discussing the key considerations that will lay the foundation for your commerce deployment. 

This course is one in a series of topics regarding Sitecore Experience CommerceTM. Additional courses will cover content such as specific business tool usage, SXA Storefront rendering application, and Commerce Engine deep-dive topics. 


1 hour

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Introduction to Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9
  • Curriculum Code: eCOMIntro91