Sitecore® Context Marketing Fundamentals 8.2

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Students do not need a Sitecore License or installation to complete this course.  All labs are performed in a simulated Sitecore environment within the eLearning.     


This eLearning is designed to help marketers get started with context marketing. Learn about Sitecore’s Content Marketing features and how to use them to deliver relevant content to customers. Gain the insight that you need to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads through web, email, mobile and social channels. Own the experience and win loyal customers!

Target audience:

This course is for marketers, marketing analysts, marketing directors and customer service representatives. The course will also be beneficial for developers and merchandisers.


It is recommended that students take the Sitecore® Web Experience Management eLearning prior to this course.

Course Length:

This course will take approximately six hours to complete. Students may start, stop and restart the course as many times as needed.

Course Outline:

Context Marketing Basics

  • Describe the purpose of a website and identify calls to action
  • Leverage Sitecore XP to lift the digital outcomes of your website
  • Explain the purpose of engagement value
  • List the benefits of using Experience Analytics
  • Use the Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM) Assessment to identify and improve the digital maturity of an organization
  • List the three important steps to digital success

Exploring Digital Goals and Outcomes

  • Explain the purpose of outcomes
  • Identify common goals and calls to action on a website
  • Describe the different types of goals
  • Explain the purpose of goal facets
  • Create and deploy a goal
  • Assign a goal to a page

Using Web Forms for Marketers

  • Explain how to assign a profile card to a form
  • Add a form to a page
  • Demonstrate how to successfully configure a form
  • Add a goal to a form

Discovering Traits about Your Site Visitors

  • Explain how a contact card is used
  • Use the Experience Profile application to view information about a visitor
  • List the information that you can find on a contact card
  • Describe how to analyze the activity of a contact

Working with Campaigns

  • Explain the difference between online and offline campaigns
  • Describe what a campaign is
  • Create an online campaign
  • Create an offline campaign
  • Analyze the effectiveness of a campaign

Analyzing Data Insights

  • Use Experience Analytics to view the overall effectiveness of a website
  • Review the channel effectiveness across your marketing channels
  • Analyze the GeoIP
  • Review the Device report
  • Identify any potential opportunities for creating more relevant content using the Pattern report
  • Identify which paths provide the best engagement value per conversion with the Path Analyzer
  • Use the Page Analyzer to look at individual visitor journeys
  • Identify which paths are less efficient
  • Describe how to optimize less efficient paths

Applying Personalization

  • Explain the differences between implicit and explicit behavior
  • List the attributes of a digital fingerprint
  • Demonstrate the ability to personalize components as well as content
  • List the two parts of a rule in rule-based personalization
  • Locate where personas and profile cards are set up
  • Explain how adaptive personalization is configured

Optimizing Through Testing

  • Explain the purpose of testing
  • Describe the differences between test strategies in Sitecore
  • Create and run a multivariate test
  • Create and run a page test
  • Create and run a content test


An internet connection is needed to run the course and speakers are needed to hear the audio.  This course does not require use of a Sitecore License, Sitecore setup or any other setup outside of the eLearning platform.


Students have four months of access to the content in this eLearning. Modules must be completed in their sequenced order. For example, a student will not have access to module 2 until he/she has completed module 1. Students may start and stop modules as often as they like.


This course is in U.S. English.


Sitecore does not offer support to students to help them understand the content of the eLearning or complete labs.  Students may get help from Sitecore Experts, other students, and the Sitecore Community by posting questions or help requests to the forums in the Support Portal.  The Support Portal also includes tutorials for using the eLearning platform as well as FAQ's. 

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