Personalization and Experience Optimization 9

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Minor Version

Includes Releases 9.0 - 9.3  

Target Audience: 

Content Marketer / Digital Marketer, CX Leader, Digital Strategist


●  Content Marketing Fundamentals course

Course description:

 The Personalization and Experience Optimization course will help your organization utilize the Sitecore® Experience PlatformTM (XP) to build a better customer experience (CX) on your websites. As a Sitecore user, you will learn to strategically optimize your site and make customer interactions more effective and measurable. You will gain practical guidance on how to use testing to identify what works best with your customers. After this course, you will be able to better align your customer experiences with your strategic objectives.


1 hour

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Personalization and Experience Optimization 9
  • Curriculum Code: eXPPO92