Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Essentials 9.0

Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Essentials 9.0

Curriculum Description

This eLearning course provides critical concepts and practical applications of Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0 architecture and development procedures for ASP.NET MVC web developers and solution architects with advanced C# skills.

Curriculum Summary

In this web-based training (WBT) curriculum, you gain insight into the Sitecore Experience Commerce architecture. You develop a storefront by invoking Sitecore Commerce APIs using Postman, configuring the Sitecore Commerce public NuGet feed, and referencing Sitecore Commerce binaries and plugins using NuGet packages. You develop a storefront using another method by adding content pages, creating page content using Sitecore® Experience Accelerator™ (SXA), and enhancing page content using SXA Storefront components. Also, you use internal and external searches to locate sellable items, navigate to them using the Sitecore XC catalog, and perform other activities that help you present them on your storefront so that customers can easily find them. In addition, you test the checkout process from an empty cart to an order using Postman. As well, you extend the Sitecore Commerce Engine by implementing a loyalty points plugin and a promotion containing a discount coupon. Finally, you learn about Sitecore XC documentation, support, and the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program.

This curriculum will take approximately 7 hours to complete. Students may start, stop, and restart as many times as needed.

Target Audience

This is an intermediate-level curriculum for ASP.NET MVC developers and solution architects with advanced C# skills.


It is recommended that students have taken the Sitecore Experience Commerce Overview course.

Curriculum Outline

This curriculum consists of seven modules as follows:

  • Gaining an Insight into the Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Architecture
  • Developing Storefronts Using Sitecore Commerce APIs
  • Developing Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Storefront Pages Using SXA
  • Working with Sellable Items
  • Testing the Checkout Process
  • Extending the Sitecore Commerce Engine
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce™ Documentation and Support


An internet connection is needed to run the courses and speakers are needed to hear the audio. Recommended browsers to run this course are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please enable pop-ups for this site to avoid being disturbed by pop-up requests during the course.


Students have four months of access to the content in this eLearning. Students may start and stop modules as often as they like.


The modules within this curriculum are in U.S. English.


Sitecore® does not offer support to students to help them understand the content of the eLearning or complete labs. Students may get help from Sitecore experts, other students, and the Sitecore Community by posting questions or help requests to the forums in the Support Portal. The Support Portal also includes tutorials for using the eLearning platform as well as FAQs.

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The courses in this curriculum can be taken in any order.

Terms and Conditions

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